Ultimate Ramadan Checklist for Quarantine

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Ramadan 2020 is coming up and we’re all in quarantine, uncertainty daunts us all and the only certain thing is the auspicious month of Ramadan upon us. While this year may not be the same, due to the pandemic we can still do something to retain some normalcy while fasting for ramadan so here’s some ways to brighten up the Holy month

Sehri and iftaar are the only two exciting times for us, but with quarantine and the whole world in lockdown, we do have to consciously make an effort to save so here’s some tips for you!

1.Meal prep

Waking up at 4 am for Sehri time is a tad bit difficult so to make it easier, meal prep! There’s tons of videos on meal prepping online and if its a big family, you save a lot of chaotic sehri time just by meal prepping.

Due to the lockdown, this ramadan you might have to do some out of the box thinking to prep your sehri and iftaar as some of the areas may be short on the essentials

Now might not be the time to cook up new fancy dishes but do look for new simple recipes online that require the basic and very less ingredients this way you can keep your self busy and learn something new

Pinterest is your best source for simple, easy and tasty recipes

Check up on my Simple Ramadan Recipes board for some inspiration

Prepping everything before can help reduce your anxiety and help you focus on the main goals of Ramadan

Here are some videos that might help if you are new to meal prepping.





Iftaar is a tricky meal to organise, everyone is craving something or the other, tempers run high and no one has energy to do anything lest cook.

Making tons of dishes is also going to be difficult since we have to approach a minimalistic attitude in food, with the pandemic on us.

Not only that we might learn to follow upon another beautiful Sunnah by our prophet where his only essentials to break the fast were dates and water.

Though for some this might take time for some families you can add your own twist by having only one item or fuits for iftaar and then having dinner later on.

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This technique sits well with your tummy and is extremely beneficial for your future health too.




Cleaning up the disheveled kitchen after iftaar is a task everyone shies away from,so less dishes really are the way to go!

With the purpose of sanitisation and keeping your daily life less chaotic get your home and living space organised and the best thing you can do along the way is adopt a minimalistic strategy.

Organise your clutter and only keep the essentials out.

While doing these to brighten up these mundane quarantine days decorate a little for ramadan.

Get your nice table cloth and cutlery out put some lighting and brighten it up, this is the perfect time to give those 5 min crafts idea a try.

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Dates and water are the quintessential items for iftaar but for some easy appetiser.

Check out this viral 3 ingredient dishes on youtube



Keep Oral Rehydration Solutions for emergencies, the summers are brutal.

Stock up on your juices and make sure you have items for the basic dishes.



5.Repurpose ingredients:

Keep some jams and fruit pulp handy, preserved foods are your best friend now. you can use them to make simple juices or use them in fancy desserts too!

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Keep away from heavily salted foods as they can cause water retention .

Canned fruits are also a great way to go since fresh fruits may not be available right now so they can be a great alternative to fresh ones


6.Plan your sleep :

If you plan on having a totally different schedule for ramadan, like staying up at night and sleeping after sehri, get your body used to the sleeping pattern by starting a week early.

Though some people might not agree to this change in the schedule for some this works the best.

Check on your online classes or your meetings and schedule your day accordingly.

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7.Medicine :

This might not be the time you would want to go to the emergency department to get your runny nose checked out.

Keep in Mind that though you are observing the fast, Allah has given you full responsibility to take care of yourself.

Refill your medicines and if possible consult your physician on change in the drug dose while you observe the fast.

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Now keeping these in mind here are the things you can just tick off your list as you plan your day or your week.

Sehri time

  • Make wudu
  • Eat a simple meal
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat your medicine
  • Read the namaz
  • Do a little tilawat ( reading up on islamic text and the quran)

Day time

  • Cleaning a little
  • Learn a new skill
  • Talk to your family/ catch up on friends
  • Plan your Iftaar and dinner

Iftaar time

  • Read the asar Salah
  • Get the table ready
  •  Get your iftaar snack ready
  •  Cook dinner


For the table make sure you have the essentials though it varies depending on where you live and with whom

  • Iftaar time dua book
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Dates
  • Cutlery
  •  Iftaar snack
  •  Small dessert


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