5 Ways to Wear Hijab with School Uniform : Tips and Tricks

5 Ways to Wear Hijab with School Uniform : Tips and Tricks

Aha!  you, my friend, have landed on the best page possible (maybe bragging) to introduce your kid to hijab in school. In this article, I’m going to give you tips and tricks on wearing a Hijab with school uniform. These are some ways you can go about it successfully.

Let me know in the comments below if I was rightfully bragging or not!

The number one thing I would like you to know is no matter what,  you, your own home and your surroundings are the best places which will help you out in the process of introducing your tiny tot to hijab.

In this post, I would like to introduce you to some tricks for your little angel

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Assuming your kid is old enough to attend school or tutoring and you wanted to be a step ahead and start her on the modest dressing route early.

Well done here let me help you on this Amazing  journey!

If you’re are not in an Islamic country the biggest challenge are the uniforms, WAIT WAIT dont be disheartened i have some tricks up my sleeves 🙂

1.Ask the authorities:

Before you implement any of the things i mention below ask the school authorities if u can apply these modifications.

Be mindful of the rules and regulations of the institutions.

Some Global schools have changed up their uniforms to a more modest look thankfully (pants and shirt) but if your kid’s  school still has the skirt look ask them if you can change it up ( i have a trick for the skirts people too don’t worry!)

If you have the permission then you can do the following:

  • Get the uniform top/shirt/T-shirt stitched full sleeves trust me people might not even notice the slight change
  • If its not possible, try to get a full sleeves Undershirt in the same colour as the uniform top

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2.Most of the schools these days have Air-conditioned Classrooms for which they allow you to wear either sweatshirts or hoodies so instruct your child to use it to full advantage.

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3.Now for the ladies who like their sweethearts covered up with Pretty hijabs, I have some tips that might make their process of transitioning to covering their hair easy and hassle-free

Start with Instant or Slip-on hijabs to make their routine fast and easy so that they don’t have to fumble with hijab pins and have to worry about the hijab slipping off

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4.Since they are young and don’t want to have anything stop them from running around, if the hijab isn’t simple most likely they might not want to wear it or crib about it.

School hours are long and keeping your head covered for long periods of time has its own share of problems.

Since my Medical school hours are unreasonable,

I tend to have a hijab on almost at least 10-12 hours a day;

By the end of the day your hair under the hijab is just begging to be free and you don’t want your tiny tot to suffer from headaches or any other problem that might occur while wearing a hijab

Here are some ways i found it helpful

  • Braid her hair in a very low bun

  • For long hours buns can cause their neck to take the strain instead braid it and tuck it in the top

Modest fashion| School guide| Islamic studies| undershirt

or braid her hair and tuck it inwards for a low bun check out this video for the tutorial

  • Ditch the underscarf
  • Use  scrunchie to reduce the strain

5. To make her fall in love with Hijab and make her feel like it’s hers Another trick i found which worked with my sister, was having her name’s Initial embroidered on it or having a patch of her favourite cartoon character sewn in the corner ( she just loved the idea that now the hijab has her favourite character and that she has it with her in the school too).

Bonus Tip: If your child is in a school where they have skirts as uniform, dont fret even a tiny effort is something

Get Her a Nude stocking to wear under the skirt!

Here are some of my favourite Underscarf tutorials that have helped me in my journey.

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