Studygramming 101

Studygramming 101

If you are anything like me you might be finding these beautiful aesthetic pictures of notes and study planners cropping up on Pinterest or on your social media, and when you look at your notes you don’t even feel like going back at them!

Sounds a bit familiar? With new hashtags like #studygram #studymotivation, #studyspiration #studygramming cropping up on Instagram, studygramming has become a new trend on instagram

Sharing your study journey on Instagram is wholly what studygramming is about,

From beautiful flatlays to artistic illustrations about a topic or some study hacks in the form of flashcards and  small tips many more resources are what these studygram account have to offer.

If you have been through the previous posts, this blog is mostly about the ins and outs of a medstudent’s life so to avoid thinking about the fact that I’ve forgotten the classification of antipsychotic drugs I end up on Pinterest which in turn takes me to Instagram which leads me to admitting to you that I find myself scrolling through different feeds endlessly and end up being unproductive

But after a couple of days when i came across another fellow medstudent sharing some flashcards i discovered a whole new world, where other medstudents were helping each other out by sharing strategies and tips and sharing stories on different things they are struggling with, which lead me to Studygramming

Why you should follow studygram accounts?


This group of Instagrammers  are mostly very tightknit  and stands to support you and encourage you to be the most productive you can be

These accounts have a lot of potential to help you keep on track or to inspire you to put out your best productive work and to lift up others along with you.

Tips& Tricks:

Did you know you could use your Ipad pencil basic brush in 3 different ways just by slightly increasing the pressure? or to make a small section at the bottom of your notes to write questions so that while revising you can re- read and go through the questions to be fully prepared

Learning all this helps in minute ways but can have a significant impact on your studies

Dont forget the small inside information that these accounts share that help you be your best.

while you maybe be wondering yes, all this is good but i dont  make notes. These may help you keep a check on your productive hours,


With the sheer amount of study medschool has, most of us don’t make notes for every subject we are reading neither are they pretty or something nice to look at, but these accounts do share tips on being productive and majority them share how many hours they have been productive through the forest app


For some its just an outlet for creativity by designing some artwork or turning a diagram into an art piece.

For others it is a stress coping mechanism or a route to avoid burnout in medschool

I love creating beautiful notes, should i start a studygram  account?

You should be thinking more along the lines of why you want to create an account

Is it to be accountable ?

or is it just a form of creative outlet for you?

or maybe you want to inspire people to make beautiful notes and keep helping them to do so?

if you are still unsure if you want to make one, follow a few first and see what type of work they put out and if you are willing to do the work

Only after weighing the pro’s and con’s of making a studygram account should you move to the next step that how to start one

Things to consider before Starting a Studygram account


First thing to note is are you wiling to put in the commitment? Though it might seem like an easy task but think of the factors like posting consistently, contetn that actually helps, engagement that go into maintaining a good studygram account that inspires people to become the best in their not taking or study


It is the most important aspect of a studygram or any type of instagram handle if you post one week and the for months you are MIA

This will not help the people who are looking upto you for motivation or for some inspiration

You will have to be consistent with your effort to inspire people

Though within medstudent community the fellow people are understanding if you have an important exam coming up or are catching up on your studies

Prioritise your task

Is it that because you are spending time creating content for your followers that you are loosing out on your own study goals?

Keep in mind you will only be able to inspire and help other if you are able to reach your goals optimally

Dont let it consume you

The most important takeaway, dont let your motivation to study be dependant on how much success you are having with your account, that is a big no no

Don’t let the success of others or their productivity make you go into a negative spiral, everyone has a different study method and try to pick the things that might work for you.

LEt’s get to Starting a Studygram

The rules for a good Studygram are the same as with any Instagram handle


If your pictures are not visible you will not have any means to get people to be the best they can be

Having Good and ample light is the very important here, if you dont want to invest in one use natural lighting as much as you can, or maybe some spare battery lights

Few key points to note

  • Natural lighting is the best
  • Make sure there is minimum glare or any harsh lighting
  • Make sure to check the angle you are clicking the photo at, to prevent any unwanted shadows


You dont have to be a master at photoshop, just your basic phone setting will do

A little tweak of brightness and a little sharpness can do wonders for your pictures

Make sure they are clear and crisp and don’t have a lot of shadows

Helpful content

If you don’t actually provide anything to help someone out there, your efforts might go waste, though some just love to share, but mostly they are out there to help people

Post about things that will somehow come useful to your fellow viewer or any tips that have helped you in your life

Just throwing out helpful content without any thought on presentation just might not give the positive vibe

Give the presentation a little thought maybe arrange the books or the pens in a pleasing angle

Another tip that works very well with most study grammer’s is keeping it minimalistic and clean


Yes, most of them have such pretty handwriting but don’t fret, as long as its Reddable and easily understandable you are good to go

Number one tip would be to write in block or print letters, and use your calligraphy or artistic for enhancing the notes of highlight your important points

Some accounts dont even have handwritten notes its all about the materials they are studying with and some online resources that they feel like it might help people out there

Develop your own Style

if you are new to the world of Instagram or how your pictures have a lot of impact on people this one is quite important

Make your posts blend with each other and create a cohesive feed

You can learn more about how to create a cohesive instagram feed through youtube videos but for a studygrammer these tips might be quite helpful

  • Try to have a similiar background
  • Make your colour scheme same
Check this account for some inspiration on making your colour scheme same
  • Make your camera angle same i.e: if you take a picture from top then take all of them from the same angle if you take it sideways or at a specific angle make sure its consistent.

For this post the camera angle is from an angle which can be made consistent.
  • If you have a specific thing for example a bookmark or maybe something that is very inspirational try to include that in all posts to make it a bit more personal.

Have fun!

The most important thing is to just enjoy the journey to inspire others and keep yourself motivated.

Here are few other helpful resources to get you started 🙂

The one through which i found this whole new niche and the best medical studygrammer out there .

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