How to : Wear scrubs with Hijab

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Hello, since becoming a Medical student I have always wondered, will my hijab pose some unseen situations in the Operation theatre where I will have to compromise my faith or modesty? But all you need is a little bit of ingenuity and you’re all set!

So here are a few ways I found that you can pair Medical scrubs with a Hijab in the Operation Theatre.

OT Dress:

Without this medical uniform, you cannot enter the scrubbing area or the OT.

OT scrubs are usually provided by the hospital but in our hospital, for medical students, we have to get them stitched. These medical uniforms (scrubs) have sleeves above the elbow for sanitation purposes although some of the custom scrubs do have long sleeves.

TIP 1– Get yourself full sleeves scrub tops stitched


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Dr.Aisha in full sleeves scrubs

Tip 2-Go a size up with the top so that the sleeves reach longer.

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Full sleeves undershirt to pair with the scrub top


TIP 3-If you have to wear the scrubs for rounds around the hospital, or anywhere not near the OT, wear a full-sleeved T-shirt inside.

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TIP 4-For the neckline, get yourself a high collared scrubs top stitched.



TIP 5– If you have already been given the top by the OT and it’s showing a lot of neck, the next best thing to do is to safety pin your neckline to make it just a little bit more modest


TIP 6– Another way you can safety pin the top is from the back of the neck, to give it a cleaner look from the front.


OT Hijab:

Here comes the tricky part, this is where all the hijabis struggle.

First and foremost, the moment you are posted in the surgery department ask your unit head if you can wear your regular hijab. If you are a medical student they might allow it, but it’s still highly unlikely they won’t; so here are a few tips to help:

TIP 1– If you are comfortable with wearing a turban hijab or your regular go-to style is a turban hijab style , wear that and then wear the surgical cap over it, in this style it is easier to put your medical mask on as your ears are exposed.

TIP 2– You can wear your undercap in either the tube cap or the bonnet style and tuck your hair in it and then wear the scrub cap over it.

TIP 3-Ask your hospital if they have a surgeon’s hood, if not, get it stitched with your scrubs, it might seem ridiculous at first but as long as it covers you up and abides by the hospital rules it’s perfect.

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TIP 4-If by chance these tips are clashing with the hospital policies the next best thing to do is layer your surgical caps, it provides decent coverage.

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And that’s all the tips and tricks I have learned until now on how to tackle wearing the hijab in the OT.

p.s if you are struggling on how to wear your hair under the hijab for long shifts check this video out

I hope this helps a lot of you for the future and if you do end up using any of these tips do let me know and do share some of your tricks too in the comments below.

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