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How many times have you struggled with “what do I even do with this hair?”

Or given up on your Hair thinking no one is even going to see it anyways. and just washed it, blow-dried it and put on your hijab?

Ah, I’m guilty of it too. with a busy schedule and long hours in college, it starts to get tedious to take the time to do your hair. Why bother when you can just slip on your hijab, no one is going to see the mess beneath it.

But once or twice a week it does get the extra TLC that it needs:)

A few things that I encountered during my hijab journey-as you may call it- is there are many videos. From taking care of your hair to different products to use, but with the hijab all the strategies change.

It does depend on the type and the texture of your hair.

For all my wavy girls out there struggling with their beautiful curls hidden under the hijab and trying to figure out — is the curly girl method better or do I use oils to moisturise my hair? will it stain my hijab?

Here’s your go-to guide to refer to when taking care of your hair!

Important things to figure out before we get into taking care

  • Know your hair type:

No two hair types are same, they may differ in their hair texture, their porosity level, and their curl pattern!

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While I may shed some light on the different terminology of the curl type, it’s better to cite the actual Guide that helped me clear up my queries

  • Figure out your concern

Is it that your hair breaks easily, or that you have very dry scalp or just unruly frizzy hair?

Once you have identified your concerns, it becomes easier to target it and solve the problem. This is much better than experimenting with loads of products and ending up with no result

  • Your schedule

Some of us have busy schedules outside of our house while some of us have it while staying in but figuring out what time works best for you to dedicate to your hair care is very important as it will help you to actually put in efforts for you hair

I agree, wavy hair doesn’t need a scheduled day or lots of hours to condition. But in the rush of other more important things we tend to put our hair care at the last

lets start taking care!


It’s a no brainer that all hair needs moisture to stay healthy. Though depending on your hair porosity you need to get the right products.

For low hair porosity —

It can be extra difficult to get the moisture into your hair. Your hair follicles are more closely structured and there is less space for the product to get into

Make sure you take your time, which is the number one trick for low porosity hair type

Deep conditioning is very important and the longer you keep the product the better it seeps in. It is also very important to seal the product in with oil to not lose the moisture.

For high porosity hair —

The faster it’s moisturized, the faster it loses its moisture. Due to the gap between the follicles, the moment you moisturise your hair, seal it in at the same time.

There’s a huge difference between moisturising and sealing it in. Between water-based products and oil-based products, it’s a general misconception that oils provide enough moisture.

This is not true!

The skin or the cuticle’s health is based on both the level of water and the level of oil. Maintaining both is essential for your hair’s health.

Few tips that can add more water into your hair:

• Aloe vera gel which is 95% water.

• Conditioner diluted with water.

• Apply glycerin before you start steaming as it acts as a humectant and attracts water molecules.

After you have added moisture it’s time to seal, and this is where your oils/ butters come in handy!


Even after you have moisturized you hair your efforts will become futile if you don’t seal in your moisture

Oils and butters are a great way to seal the moisture in and keep your hair locked and lustrous.

Pick your range of whipped butter, either store-bought or make your own! It’s super easy and inexpensive once you get the hang of it.

A major misconception is that they make your hair greasy and oily. Though it is somewhat true, it also depends on your hair texture and your hair porosity.

Low porosity hair needs a lot less oil/butter for sealing in because the products take longer to seep in.

Whereas high porosity hair quickly absorbs the products and doesn’t feel oily or sticky.

Keep experimenting and you will know what works for your hair soon!

I have slightly wavy hair type, should I follow the curly girl method?

Well done! you have figured out your hair type and your hair porosity and now want to set your routine.

Here’s a slight twist, the Curly Girl method requires a ton of products to maintain the shape of the curls and requires a lot of time to structure the curls.

Wearing your hair in a bun underneath the hijab, It tends to get really flat unless you braid it.

All the effort you put into structuring the curls will go to waste if you tend to wear the hijab for a long time .

If you live in a humid climate the products in your hair might turn your hair greasy and oily quicker under your hijab. Which leads you to increase your wash days which will end up damaging your hair more.

In the end, if you mostly stay at home I would totally recommend following the curly girl method.

That’s because this routine can get your hair back to its natural state and make it more healthy.

But, if you tend to work outside or workout a lot and need to wash your hair regularly it might not be feasible to spend hours doing your hair…

I would recommend that you pick a few of the most common tips from the Curly Girl method.

Like going sulphate-free, sleeping in braids, and moisturising your hair.

Hijab Tips

Make sure you tie your hair properly underneath the hijab.

For wavy hair it is especially important to secure your hair. A tip I would recommend is braiding your hair underneath the hijab to protect your curls.

It will also help with tangles and frizz!

If you’ve just sealed your hair with oil or butter, it is best to wait a few hours.

Let the product soak in and then put on the hijab, so as to not ruin it with oil stains.

If you do need to rush out for a quick trip to the grocery store, wear a shower cap and then put on your hijab.

Make sure your hair is completely dry before you braid it or put on your hijab to prevent any damage.

Product recommendations

As for me, I am always paranoid about how each ingredient works or I need to know exactly how the product works.

Which tends to lead me down the natural product path or the DIY route.

I’ll set you up with an easy curly girl method natural routine!

  • Wash your hair with any sulphate -free shampoo.
  • Depending on the porosity of your hair, apply conditioner on the hair or dilute it a little and then leave it for half an hour.
  • After rinsing off the conditioner, immediately spray some aloe vera gel to add moisture to your strands.
  • For sealing moisture in, I usually like to apply coconut oil or if my strands are a bit dry, I apply a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil.

For structured curls

While in the shower I apply a ton of aloe vera gel or flaxseed gel , Crunch the hair and then leave it to air dry.

For me, the alternating routine of sealing it somedays and just hydrating it the other days works pretty well.

But if you do want to seal the moisture in apply a little bit of oil, turn your hair upside down and give it a good scrunch!

When you want to put on your hijab, braid your hair in a french braid and put on your undercap preferably made of satin or silk.

and that’s it, the most inexpensive and result-worthy curly girl method that i follow.

If you do want to experiment with products and different hair gels and butters I will link some of them below but do check if you are allergic to some ingredients!

When it comes to using butter for skin and hair this is the one I use to whip up my own batch of body butter which lasts me months and has excellent results!

For days when your hair is just unruly and you want to tame it down and provide extra nourishment, this works wonders.  Arata also has other curly girl friendly products in their range.

To be honest finding sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioners and that too within my budget was a struggle and it was such a relief after finding this on amazon!

The above mentioned products can be bought directly by clicking on them and adding them to your cart

However, these are affiliate and if you buy it through the link i might earn a small comission at no extra charge to you 🙂

How do you take care of your hair under the hijab?

Let me know in the comments below and share some of your tips too!

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