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Investing in a Proper Hijab is Crucial to any Hijabi, and with a varied amount of Options available it becomes very Difficult to Pick the Right one.

Before knowing about the Best Brands to Get your Hijab from it is very important to know about the Fabric of the Hijab.

For all of us who love the comfort of jersey and for the new hijabi who is still figuring out which material would suit her and her needs,

Lets check the jersey fabric out according to our Hijabi needs!

Shall we?

So the Key point we look for in a Hijab Before we Decide to invest in it are

1. Convenience

2. The Weather

3. Occasion

4.Hijab Care

IF the hijab surpasses this checklist according to the needs then Congratulations you have found the Perfect Hijab that will Work for you!

Lets get to know the super popular Jersey Hijab and decide whether it is worth Investing in or not.


When it comes to wearing Hijab on Daily basis, it is essential that you are comfortable in your Hijab and thatit doesnt burden you or hinder your day to day activities

When it comes to jersey fabric it is popular for being very convenient and the most comfortable fabric out there in terms of Hijabs.

if you are a working person who wears the hijab for a long hours this Hijab is a must have! because of it smooth and soft texture this hijab is perfect for everyday wear.

A few special features about this Hijab

  • It is non slip and stays put on your Head for a long time without sliding off.
  • You can get away with not wearing an undercap with this Hijab.
  • if you get the right material this is perfect for summer!
  • The best part is this hijab is perfect for any lightweight sports.
  • Does not need ironing.
  • This Fabric is not see through at all


Contrary to popular belief it’s a bit tricky to find the best jersey fabric which goes well for your summer picnic days.

As the fabric is made with 2 threads crossing perpendicular both the threads have to be of good and high quality for the hijab to be buttery soft.

Even if one of the thread is synthetic it results in a bad quality fabric which tends to make you feel really hot.

3. Occasion

This fabric works well with all your casual outfits but if you are looking for a glam option or for some special occasion this might not be the right choice.

Since this fabric does not have a lot of variations aside from some occasional lace or stone work, its not the best choice for glam occasion.

4.Hijab care

Few things that  need to be taken care of for this fabric is

  • Try to avoid washing it in the washer as this can stretch the fabric and make it loose it’s stretchy texture super fast.
  • If need be try washing it on delicate setting.
  • After wearing it for a long time you might notice the thread pilling or small cotton balls which you can get rid of by using your razor.

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