Hijab Review- Textured Jersey

Hijab Review- Textured  Jersey

Textured Jersey Hijab collection by Modest Essentials

With their latest collection of Hijabs Modest essentials have taken their comfort level in Modest clothing up a notch.

While the jerseys are known as one of the most comfortable hijabs will this unique collection be our go to while heading out the door?

Colour Range

The jersey collection has a wide variety of shades ranging from pastel hues like taupe, peach and blush to darker shades like burgundy, navy, black.

Image via Modest Essentials

With such a wide variety you can pair these hijabs with all your outfits.


The jersey fabric is well known to be nonslippery but with this collection, they have levelled up by adding a ribbed texture which helps it stay put without the need of pins.

Unlike some fabric where you need to wear undercap for the hijab to stay put with its ribbed texture you can ditch the undercap and it will still stay put.


For people who are worried about the Hijab material being too short for full coverage, the hijab comes in the dimension of 180cm* 70cm (approximately)

Which is the perfect length for complete back and front coverage with any simple hijab style.

You can easily reduce the number of folds at the back if you need more coverage

The width is perfect for people who like to fold their hijab a little in the front and still get enough back coverage.


The pure cotton fabric tends to make the hijab a little heavy , but with a combination of the jersey thread and the georgette thread this fabric is pretty lightweight and airy unlike the heavier cotton jerseys.

The Material is a bit see through which i personally am not quite a fan of, as for full coverage you need to wear an undercap but if you are getting yourself the darker shades you can get away without wearing the undercap.

It has sewn edges that will prevent the hijab from fraying which helps in making it last longer without the threads pulling apart.

The best part being the ridges and the texture which is designed for making it non- slippery.

Since this fabric is made with a combination of Jersey thread and the Georgette Material, it has both the features of jersey i.e being stretchy and staying in place along with the drape that the georgette hijabs are famous for.

The folds are very easy to create and stay put for a long time

Hijab Care:

The Hijab dries super quick due to its lightweight Material

Also, avoid washing it in the washing machine as it can stretch the Hijab out.

The colour of this hijab is bleed proof even after 2 washes!

Plus make sure to wash this with normal or cold water and also keep it away from small accessories as it gets stuck and causes the thread to stretch making it all wrinkly.

And there we have it another Hijab fabric to add to our collection..

Excited to try this collection? Head over here to grab your shade

Modest Essentials

Let me know if you guys try this fabric out and what did you guys like about this fabric in the comments below!

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