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So… it’s a special occasion — be it a birthday or friendship day— or the upcoming auspicious eid, but now the question arises, what to buy? This Eid 2020 let that not be an issue for you.

If you know the person really well then you might have a rough idea of what their interests could be but you can still get boggled by the various choices.

HERE is a Gifting guide to help you out

The first thing you have to keep in mind, especially for a hijabi is that she would love something she can show or flaunt off (something that won’t be weighed by many layered outfits) but if you still have no idea, fret not and let me help you out!

I have divided the items into some broad categories so Check them out i am sure you will find it helpfull!



Her everyday necessities, plus she can show it off too.

Check out websites like Little black hijab to get the best quality and the most versatile pieces.

Modestessentials, another Hijab website has some amazing options of hijab box sets where you can select 3-4 hijabs and they deliver it to you wrapped up in a pretty box!

To help you out on where to buy it from and which is the best option for your loved one check the ones that have made it to the top TOP HIJAB BRANDS IN INDIA

gold hijab crushed hijab flatlays hijab picture ideas


2.Modest clothing

There’s no such things as too many clothes but the question arises, what kind of clothing to gift a hijabi?

It’s a bit tricky but if you have read my post ‘Essentials every Hijabi Needs’ then you can never go wrong with this category.

Head over there and check it out.

modest fashion outfit long brown skirt full sleeves white top


3. Watch

Unless she has a brand set in her mind or a particular watch, try finding one she can use everyday, preferably in neutral shades and matte finish or just a plain classic leather watch that will complement and go with all kinds of outfits. Or maybe even a smart watch if she is tech savvy!

Watches make for an easy to pick gift since they look pretty no matter what and you might already have an idea of what she might like and it is a complementary gift, something that can go with everything.

4. Perfume

This category can be a bit tricky too but most of us use perfume for special occasions and love building our collections so look for brands she might have mentioned.

If you do not have any idea just look for a perfume that looks pretty and can be displayed (and has a decent smell too), but if nothing comes up go for Body Mists!

Brands like The Body Shop and Victoria’s Secret are great and have a generally amazing range so it shouldn’t be hard to pick out something nice and floral she might like.


5. Rings & Bracelet

Whether she is a tomboy or a girly girl, rings and bracelets add another charm and elegance to the whole look.

Plus she can never have too many. Stacking always works!

Charm bracelets are a great idea too. Sentimental, sweet and alluring, they make for the most charming accessory you can gift a girl. You can also add some cute charms to personalise it even more.

Pandora is a great website that personalises charm bracelets and if you want to explore more there’s Shein too!


6. Anklet:

Be it bedazzling the heels that you have worn way too many times or showing off your new pedicure, anklets are another way to add some jewel to your look


golden anklet for indian skin simple



If she has a prescription, then oh boy! you are saving her lots of bucks by gifting it to her. If not, glasses are always in trend!

Glasses add depth to the outfit and always look good no matter what. Be sure to think about what kind of glasses go with her face and she can experiment with the rest.


Shoes are something you can never go wrong with. They complement everything and you don’t even need to match them up! If you know about a specific edition she’s been eyeing then you know what to do, watch her eyes light up when she opens your gift.

Shoes and sneakers are an essential pair of necessities, if you are not sure of her style go for a pair of classic white sneakers.



Be careful with this one, because girls tend to put a lot of effort and time in figuring out their skincare and makeup style, so keep these in mind.

Know her taste.

Keep your ears open for some info spill!

Inquire more about the thing she is talking about, let her know you are interested and you’re set!

Now for Recommendations:

1.Makeup tools

Makeup brushes

Makeup sponge

Eyelash curler

Makeup remover


2.Black kohl

You can never go wrong with this, every girl uses kohl sometime or the other.


3.Setting spray


4.Nailpaint (Halal preferably)



For skincare I would suggest you go for this category if you really know what brands she uses or if she has been eyeing a product for a long time, but if you want to, here are some neutral options,

1.Sheet masks

Sheeet masks| skincare for summer| hydrating skincare| summer skin care routine| Innisfree


3.Hand cream

4. Body Butter

IF nothing seems good or you don’t have enough time, the best solution is always…



  1. Little black hijab
  2. Nykaa
  3. Starbucks
  4. Crossword
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