Day in the life of a first year medstudent (Mbbs)

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Ever wondered how Doctors in the making aka medstudents spend their days?

With people assuming that we have our nose in the books all the time…

well, we do study a considerable amount but read on to find out what else goes on in the day in the life of First Year MBBS Student.

A day in the life of a First year med student

Lets start with the morning!

6:00 am– trrrinnnnggg! Argh! Snooze( cause who doesn’t)

6:30 am– I don’t wanna get up! Why are they killing us innocent people with such schedules…

6:35 am – Finally get up! drag myself to the bathroom, brush, wash face, contact lenses in, Wudu (ritual for cleaning oneself before the prayer(salat)

6:35am– Prayer

Then get ready!

7:40 am– Gathering all my girlfriends and heading down to breakfast because as first years you never go anywhere without your squad at least in the first few months.

8:30– Class starts and the brain is puzzled whether to pay attention or sleep….

8:45– Decide to pay attention

9:30- Maybe I should sleep…

10:20– My thumb is dragged for the biometrics( thumb print attendance)

11:20– Finally the classes are over and we get 15 min break, head down to the cafe for coffeeee!!!

11:35– Back for dissection, the nose-wrenching horrible formalin smell greets us at the entrance

12:00– Wipe my tears and try to down the bottle of water while pinching my nose to avoid the taste of formalin in my mouth….ugh.

1:30– Lunch Break!

Head to the mess, figure out how to steal a chair, find a table and grab something edible from the mess to fill the stomach up.

Break gets over by 2:30, so roam around, gossip, play another round of games on your phone, or head back to the hostel for a power nap…

2:30– Head back up for practicals.

2:40– Believe me this is the time where you have actually given up!!!

Post lunch sleep-inducing lectures are horrible & there are two bifurcations – 

1. Lecture demonstration – sleep

2. Practical – Manage to keep your eyes open

Note- no amount of coffee or red bull works here…

4:00– finally over and the search begins for the squad and waiting for the mess tea

4:30– Tea time and chitchat over tea! ( from future residency options to outfits, everything!!! )

5:00– Deciding from the options

-Go back to the room and sleep OR go to the library OR go back to the room, sleep a little and then return back to the library

9:30– Have dinner or return back to the hostel

9:30– Meet other friends and have a bit of another gossip session or just sit and talk about life( yeah med school does that to you )

10:00– Run back to the hostel as it is the deadline for the first years

10:30– Clean up the mess that you made in the morning while rushing to class

11:00– Get ready for bed, and scroll through the phone

11:20– Still on the phone

11:40– Keeping the phone down but, tringgg!! notification and I have to check

12:00– ENOUGH! Now sleepy as heck and off tooooooo sleeeeeeep…

Here are some snippets when I was caught off guard…

Now this is the Rough outline of How i spent my day as a first year medical student..

First Year of  medschool is a learning curve, figuring out the balance between studies and social life, living away from home, trying out different study strategies, and planning for NEET PG 🙁 

Though the best part that I absolutely love about being a medstudent is that it is never the same, each day is different!

If you are a medstudent too comment below and let me know what your day is like!

and for others just starting the journey be sure to drop your mails for more useful tips and guides coming your way!

For a more different perspective or to feed your secret addiction of watching day in the life videos ( tbh i am obsessed :P) feast on these!

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