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Vial and veil serves as a platform for young minds to get an inside view into the journey of becoming a doctor and as a source of inspiration for young girls not to give up on their dreams and pursue it with full confidence while flipping away the hijabs

Vial and Veil was primarily borne out of my love for juggling tasteful fashion along with becoming a Doctor.

I strongly believe that style is one of your most important tools of self-expression and as a proud twenty something hijabi medical student

I wanted to use this blog as a platform to share my ups and downs  through medschool along with trying to develop my own sense of style while remaining true to my culture .

Many young girls go through similar experiences and through this blog I hope to reach out to them and all you hustlers out there, helping you rock your everyday outfit with just a few essentials and minimal time. So here goes, when the world’s doing a hair flip why don’t we rock their world with a hijab flip!

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